Being Nice

This was the topic I discussed with Sheena Metal on her syndicated radio show Music Highway Radio last Thursday: How important is it to be nice in the music scene? Or something like that. Playing live for a group of people is something we never take for granted, I said, and it’s pretty pretentious and ridiculous to think there’s some kind of entitlement that goes along with being in a local band. Philosophically we feel that we’re a part of a music community, that’s our mission anyway, and being kind and reaching out to others is kind of what we would like to be doing, and do. It’s not hard. Many others have been nice to us. Including Sheena. It’s important to us because kindness comes around and goes around, and as we’ve seen in the more Americana vein of the scene, it’s actually a value. Well that’s some of what I said, and mostly what we feel. Shawn can blog more on this in great detail I’m sure. I think in this rock n roll L.A. scene it’s an issue worth discussing, though I don’t think it would even come up in the more Americana scene. 

We added a more complete discography page for you. I think that’s everything we’ve done on CD, and are doing right now. I’d like to add some music samples of everything, sometime.

Also note the added show on Tuesday June 2 at Aura, it’s Sheena’s latest home for the Dressing Room showcase. It’s a new venue for us, we’ll rock it, and be sure to stay nice and clean up afterwards. It’s what we do.


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