Aura show cancelled! Awwww.

A reminder that the show scheduled for Tuesday pm at Aura in Studio City was cancelled last week. Apparently they are not having live music for now. Not sure if we had anything to do with the decision, maybe they saw us coming and turned off the power, a la College of the Sequoias (Tour of the Brave). At any rate, we’re home tonight instead of playing in Studio City. We played Universal City last week, and that was good as usual. We hope to be there about once a month thru the course of this year if we can.

So go Lakers,  here’s to making some quick work in Orlando.

Not sure when the next show is for AmCat, exactly. This is how it goes, 3 or 4 scheduled dates, then nothing, then last minute things come in and we have some shows again. So keep in touch, we might be playing next week anyway. We’re working on some travel plans for the summer too, we’ll announce it soon. Big doings.


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