July activities

AmCat is trying to stay in the shade this month. The regular rehearsal schedule, if there ever was such a thing, is skewed. We meet when we’re all in town. We’re looking for last minute shows, ways to get out on a cool summers’ night and play for friends and fans, mostly cause we haven’t been able to plan ahead. There’s this business of finishing the long awaited new CD, which is mostly in mixing stage, save two or three songs still being tracked. This is hard to do when we’re spread out over various states and such, but we’re trying.

Also there’s the new business of traveling to Nashville TN mid-August to play a few shows and a showcase. This is a great excuse to get out into the sun, and to see friends, and to say we’ve played Nashville.  We’ll play a short showcase of songs at Rocketown downtown Nashville for Indevo & Fervent Records on Monday Aug 17 during the day. Getting confirms on other shows though has been pretty tough, just as it’s always been for us. No surprise. Still frustrating. We got turned down at three venues just yesterday. Being a touring band coming into a place like that – not easy. Get in line. Since we’re still doing all of this ourselves, it’s taking a lot of prayer and we’re sort of shuffling by faith towards this tour. We’ll keep you posted on our progress as it comes, those of you who actually follow along on these blogs and have been kind friends for us! Remember us in prayer as we try to accomplish all of these things over the summer, and hopefully start on a clean and new slate come this fall, opportunities await!

Tom, AmCatter


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