October for AmCat

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Bucc last weekend, your patience was much appreciated as we waited for the Dodger game to end before taking the floor. We have competed before with a game on, and always lose. So it gave us a chance to spend more time with strangers and friends, that’s always a good thing. If you missed it, I think this was the playlist:

This Time, Permission, California Stars, Dust and Ashes, Chase Down the Wind, Motorcar, Trees of Mystery, Drink, On the Outside Looking In, Pale Blue Eyes, My Old Friend the Blues (which morphed back into Pale Blue Eyes since it wasn’t working), Stingray, Be the Moment, and Goodbye.

Instead of rehearsing this past week we decided to hang out with our families at Tom’s place for the Dodger playoff game. Haven’t done that in a while, it was overdue. In the next couple of weeks we plan on re recording the song Smoke Signals for the almost finished new CD. Nine other songs are 98% finished with mixing/mastering, and so we think we can get this one in pretty quick, and maybe sneak a new version of Turbulence in as well before the end of the month. Then get those two up to speed with the other finished songs and see about what to do with the record for the new year, how we distribute it, promote it etc.. We’ve had some industry friends offer their helps, which we do appreciate, but we’re really not ready to commit to any plan just yet. Really just want to get it done, and sort of itching to write a new chapter of material. So our year end prayers will include what to do about the new CD (untitled), and the idea of taking a trip out in the spring. South By Southwest is a longshot, so we’re considering other options.

that’s all for now! happy Saturday —


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