8 Songs In

We are finished with the first eight songs for the new CD, that’s good! There are 2-3 more tunes that we think we can record fairly easily. They all were recorded before, but now we think we could do them better after this year of playing. They are:

Something Left to Prove, Smoke Signals, and Turbulence.

The finished songs are:

Motorcar, Be the Moment, Chase Down the Wind, Second Wind, All on Me, Behind Me, On the Outside Looking In, and Radio Play.

All of those tracks feature Terry on bass, as he did all of his bass lines with us before he and Julia moved to Wyoming with their horses. He did good work on the final three songs too, but overall the takes aren’t that solid. We would’ve kept them and been done with it a few years back but nowadays we just want a bit more out of our recordings. And we want to feel good about the finish of the record. If we can figure out how to post music on this blog we’ll get some tunes on here soon for you all.



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