AmCat show this week

take the 10 west to the 405 south, Venice exit, head south on Sepulveda

(Maybe) our final show of 2009! We know it’s a ways out for some of our loyal friends, but it is a fitting end for our year to play here for the first time. Last week I See Hawks and Rancho Deluxe took the stage, and this Wed. we’ll share it with Neon West — all good L.A. Country-ish acts, which we’re of course on the outskirts of in some small way. Much friendlier confines for us and our friends than the many pretentious clubs we could be spinning our wheels trying to play. So we’re grateful and hope to play our level best.

Also an update on the recording effort: All is mixed except for one song, which when we get the bgvocals recorded will be mixed as well. So our goal of finishing all by years’ end should come to pass, and we’ll figure out how to get it to you after the New Year. Another preview track or two should be coming online soon, pre-Christmastime.


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