New Lyrics Posted, Seeking Title

All the lyrics from the upcoming full length CD have been put in the BOX on this page for you, should you like to preview them. Maybe you can help us as well, we’re still hunting for the title for the CD. Usually we’ve taken a song title or an obscure line from one of the songs, and we’ll likely do that again but we’ve not really settled on one yet. If something jumps out to you reading through these songs, let us know! There are a couple of themes throughout the record,but we’re not saying what they are and probably won’t make that a clear title for the CD either. We’d rather it be something people can discover on their own than tell them up front. So thanks for you help, or your interest, or just your curiousity. We’ll get this down, then add some cool artwork, and have a finished CD. For reals. Here’s a pic of Shawn, with Terry, from Day One of this CD project that started at the end of 2007.

from Day One of this upcoming CD project, end of 2007


2 thoughts on “New Lyrics Posted, Seeking Title

  1. Sandy says:

    Cool, Pic, I miss Terry’s little notes… Give him my best when you talk to him.. and of course sending out good vibes to you all… No where are the damn lyrics.. I am lost in here! But on the up side.. I love this page! πŸ™‚
    Hey that could be the title.. On the UP side! πŸ™‚
    Me πŸ™‚

  2. Tom says:

    Look over to the blue box on the right, and click on AmCatNBTsongs – ! NBT stands for Next Big Thing, something we usually call our records before we have a real name. So hope you’re not lost now, remember No One Gets Left Behind!!

    On the UP side, looking in,

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