Radio Play and Distance

Small, last minute and minute details are being finished on the new CD this week. This is the first poster for it, more to come.

Also we’ve put another song from the upcoming CD in the BOX on this site, called Radio Play. Written in 2007 during the year of Trees. Radio play is a real enigma to us. What band would not want to be played on the radio? Bouncing around, hearing your song played out loud, a la That Thing You Do. It was an ideal for us, an accomplishment that sort of made us feel like what we do is legitimate. In 2006 & 2007 we had nearly every track from Trees played on the radio somewhere in the U.S. & Canada, some songs more than others, and This Time particularly on both commercial and non-comm radio. That song was even used during a commercial break on TBS while showing Austin Powers, so that’s got to count for something right? We enjoyed all the radio play, even though almost all of it happened without our being able to actually hear it. We know it because of weekly reports from those who were promoting it for us, talking personally to radio programmers and station managers, and seeing playlists online. But we never had that That Thing You Do moment. Too bad.

And radio to us, much more than the thrill of hearing your song, meant we could reach out to all kinds of people at once, somehow playing for them without actually being there in person. Our ideal is to get play in an area and make some fans, then come to town and meet them personally and do what we do. It was an overwhelming goal the more play we got, and though we tried to put some travel plans in motion, much of that just didn’t work out. In many cases, even though we were on moderate or heavy rotation somewhere locally, the local club owners wouldn’t give us a sniff. We did manage a few radio interviews but not nearly what we could have done in reaching out. Of course we know too that commercial radio just doesn’t seem to be viable for most bands like us, or any band that doesn’t sell 1 million or more units. Radio play on public stations in most towns is all about awareness for us, which we do like, and it makes us feel good but doesn’t do much else. Since we have to pay our friends who promote in order for that to happen, we’re weighing the option carefully again for this new record. Wondering whether or not any of the songs would be played is no longer a curiosity for us in AmCat. We’ve had lots of good feedback in the past, and this new collection is filled with possibilities for sure. We would LOVE for more people to hear them, just not sure if it’s worth it for us financially to reach out that way anymore. Radio allows us to connect with others even though we’ll probably never be  there in person, and that’s its greatest strength for us.

Radio play, All these open roads without a wheel / Radio play, this time the song, the song is what is real

I know that Shawn can weigh in on this topic more eloquently than I can for sure. Maybe he’ll post too. Please enjoy the song though!



One thought on “Radio Play and Distance

  1. The "Sandanator" says:

    Love it guys.. but I love everything the AM CATS do!!! And you know I am always shouting from the roof tops about the great music you have going on! Wishing you the best as always, and can’t wait to hear the new album.
    Sending hugs and love your way..
    The “Sandanator” 🙂

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