AmCat music and the Ether in its many Forms

It’s a strange thing to witness the dwindling relevance of traditional radio. For a lot of us, we grew up in an era where radio was the only game in town. It was where we found out about new music. It was what drove us to the record store to buy the album or the single.

Now that we’re in the position to actually BE on the radio, the rock n roll allure to airplay just isn’t there anymore, which is sad. Twenty years ago, being on the radio meant something. Ironically, If AmCat were a band twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to afford to even TRY to be on the radio. By the time we were qualified to do something about it, the point was mostly moot.

Regardless,  we did get to be on the radio, which is a bucket list item for most all rockers born before 1999.

That’s worth something.


2 thoughts on “AmCat music and the Ether in its many Forms

  1. Tom says:

    Listening to commercial radio makes me sad. Listening to internet radio like Radio Paradise makes me a bit happier because of the variety and thought and actual people who like music spinning the tunes. Listening to sites like Pandora are great for discovering new music and artists, and it serves us well, though there’s something about them that are so self serving, what is it? Know what I mean?? Like there’s no real community in it, no songs that get more play simply because people want to hear it again.

    Radio is a Sad Salvation
    (E Costello)

  2. Sandinator says:

    I might also mention that your music is also streamed online out of Spokane, WA radio station KYRS Thin Air Community Radio, Thanks to Bob Rice on the “Crossroads” show.

    KYRS can be heard at and click listen. It’s that easy. The “Crossroads” show airs every Sunday from 1-3pm PST.

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