Of Short Sets and Longer Hopes

Thanks to the many of you who came out for Friday’s show at the Wire. That show was shorter than what we planned to play, just found out our set length before playing, so we’re sorry bout that. You should have been given more! It was a decent place to play and if we do it again it will be with assurances for a longer set for you. Thanks again for being there for us, hope you had a great time.

Good news for us this month includes the continuation of our partnership with Rescue Records/5 Alarm Music – they’ve taken on all of our tracks from our new CD All This Distance for licensing consideration, which means we’ll be given opportunity for TV/film/other contributions in the coming year with those songs not only in the U.S. but really throughout the world. We are happy they’re publishing these songs on our behalf, and look forward to hearing some of them in something we all can enjoy – ! RR is a quality organization with a tremendous track record, and we’ve a good relationship with them. So we’re optimistic.

In the meantime we’ve been weighing distribution options for this record, and when that pans out we’ll be sure to tell you. There are no immediate plans to play out again unless something last minute comes up. We’ve actually turned down 3 offers so far this year and only accepted one that was doable. What we’d like to do is focus on getting the CD out and finishing up the few new songs we’re already in the process of recording.


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