Summer Update From Here

Greetings from Glendora CA! Sunny Summer 80’s here, how’s the weather from where you are? Here is a brief update on AmCat activities for the summer onward:

The band has been on a brief respite since playing June 18. Recently they’ve met twice to discuss business and short-term goals for the remainder of 2010. Summer’s a good time to do just that, along with a few good games of Cricket (darts not the field baseball game). Rod has been coaching his Junior team to regional baseball glory. Shawn has been traveling a bit, serving some jury duty, and doing a bit of publicist fishing. Some good family time for Tom and Mike. All in all, band has been all talk and little action so far this summer.

That will change in a week, when the band reconvenes for two nights of pre-production on the next record, with a handful of songs already written. Hoping that by the end of the month they’ll be halfway done or more with another effort, and after an early August break will meet heads again for more pre-production and more recording to finish it off. It’s back to the ‘Home of the Brave’ approach somewhat for the band: get in, get it done, don’t dwell much, like it and move on.

(the HoftheB reference reminds us: have you ever seen the old web pages on a previous site of our early efforts? start here)

So the rest of summer will find AmCat in recording mode. Then the band will play a bit live locally, including stops at the Black Watch & Universal B&G, the Wire in Upland on Oct. 1 (tentatively), and the Cinema Bar. Also looking at a weekend tour through Arizona, something the band hasn’t done in a few years now. All of these dates will become clearer and we’ll post them for you, in hopes you’ll come and visit.

It is another main objective for the band to release All This Distance, along with some press and promotion, and they are still looking at options. Licensing opportunities are already being pursued by our friends at Rescue Records, but we’d love to get some real motion with the record as it becomes available, and that’s a marketing current that the geniuses at Further South swim in mostly. A likely scenario will be a pre-release for fans by summers’ end, and an official release early fall on itunes etc. for the rest of the free world.

So here’s to a cool and refreshing summer for all of us; thanks for your friendship & support!

love, AmCatters


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