This Week part one

this should be a good week for AmCat, starting tonight. for four days/nights this week we’ll be working on a new recording, ten songs or so. you might be thinking ‘what about the CD you just finished that we haven’t heard yet?’. yeah, good question. that CD, All This Distance, is going to be released this fall looks like, we’re working out the details right now. but writing and recording is what we started this band for, and is really all we set out to do way back when, so we’re doing some more of that since we’ve not a lot else going on. plus it’s a good time for us to be creative. it wasn’t until Trees Of Mystery that we gained any aspirations of promoting a record or touring. since that CD in 2007 we’ve gotten much slower about releasing material, and this year we’re trying to get back on track. our goal is to get much of this effort done this week and next, and by the end of the summer hopefully it will be both recorded and mixed.

tomorrow in this blog Shawn will update you on the first night’s production. so here’s to inspiration and perspiration,


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