This Week part three, and four

the band spent over 12 hours this weekend working on new recordings, and got good takes on seven songs, with another already in progress and two more on the table for next month. we’d like to listen to everything as it gets finished and maybe add another one or two to complete the CD, something already written maybe. or sometimes we’ll listen to what’s there and think of the kind of song we’d like to add in, and write it. anyway, good progress this past week, for sure.

the consensus is that this batch of recordings is more cohesive than anything we’ve done in the past since putting Trees of Mystery together. there is some variety, but it has a common feel that seems to be comfortable for the band as it is in 2010. that’s a good feeling. we’re not planning ahead or anything, but it’s good to know that after this fall’s effort to release and promote All This Distance, we can move into the spring with the momentum of both that record and this one that will immediately follow it, probably in the spring.

it’s especially good for this band to get back to its aspiration of writing and recording, making worthwhile music and finding creative ways to share it.



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