ATD still on its way

True to its title, All This Distance (AmCat’s latest full length CD) has covered a good deal of distance between its founders and its listeners. The CD is actually in motion now however, to be released digitally everywhere sometime before mid-October, looks like. So stay tuned as we get some firm release dates (the working release date here at Further South has been Sept 28 but it may be a bit further out) and pass them on to you. These tunes should be available on Pandora as well with the other AmCat songs, for those of you who’ve asked.

The band is still focusing their attention on finishing the latest batch of recordings as well, and hopes to come to a happy resolution on this material this fall for a Spring 2011 release. That CD is called Band Not the Weapon (referred to around here as BNtheW) and they’ve already started posting demos etc on the facebook fan page. So really there’s going to be a lot of new AmCat for you all in the next six months or so, please be patient! AmCat has decided to forego live playing till the CD is done and certain other things get resolved, and Christmas is past and the new year is finally here.

Finally, and completely unrelated, Neil Diamond released a single this week — his own cover of Yesterday, with Rick Rubin producing. Read some of the reviews on itunes of this effort and you’ll know just how we feel, starting with the first one – WTF! Neil Diamond unplugged is a great thing, such a great songwriter though  you’d think he could have come up with a dozen other ideas on piano to bless us with rather than ONE MORE version of Yesterday. Who told him that was worth doing? Bet Rubin was sleeping at the console at the time, or otherwise mailing in his effort as he added to his bank account.

well, on that cheery note, thanks for your support! we promise NEVER to record a cover that doesn’t need a swift kick already.



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