All This Distance available, with sordid details

AmCat’s latest effort, All This Distance, is now available online at a number of retailers, including itunes & Amazon mp3:

All This Distance on iTunes

All This Distance on Amazon mp3

This CD was recorded from 2007 through 2009, a LOOONG time by AmCat standards. It was the last record that Terry O played on before he left the band, moving on to the simple life in Wyoming. All of his parts were recorded before the end of 2008, and a good part of 2009 were spent chipping away at overdubs when the band wasn’t playing out or traveling. It’s a decent representation of what the band was creating in the last part of that era (2007-2009). Some songs are well travelled already by the band, like Motorcar and On the Outside, and a few have never really been played out much, like Smoke Signals and Behind Me. All On Me has already become a popular song from the CD (courtesy of some random internet radio play over the past year). There are some important moments on this record that mark the band’s progress, to be sure. The title comes from a line in the song Something Left to Proveand all this distance, between what and what will be — and it seemed appropriate for this collection, given the time it took to actually finish it and get it out. By the way, all the lyrics are available for download to the right of this page, in the BOX.

The band is actually working on its next effort this fall. I know they’ve said that before, but the stopping and starting and starting again has had some to do with mad schedules and some to do with personnel change. From Tom:

Last year (2009) was unusual for us. We did play a few good shows, got to travel a bit, and made some progress in writing. But our schedule conflicts, along with various health issues, made the year scattered and disconnected. For a time both Shawn and I wondered if it wouldn’t get any better, and what the future held. I spent more of the year depressed than inspired. Coming into the summer of 2010 we felt a reconnection and rededication to the band’s joyful center was in order, and along with that, a reconvening of creative songwriting & recording. Rod had been faithful to our needs in playing out and being available to help, and was very much a stabilizing force in our group over the past year. We needed his peaceful approach and kindness, and hope that it was reciprocal. But as we recorded basic tracks again it was clear to me that our sensibilities were at odds with the material, and Shawn and I wanted to hear our friend John give some creative ooomph in a way that Rod was likely unable to give. Not that he couldn’t, he’s one of the best bass players I’ve ever been around or worked with, but I felt strongly that it was unfair to ask him to do things that weren’t in his nature as a player, and that hoping for him to play something in a certain way that was in our heads was probably not good for either him nor us. Michael was indifferent about these things, and unsure about making any changes at this point in the process. But I was. And it was hard for me to confront this with a friend, but I did and we found it to be mutually good, and a bit of a relief for Rod. So thank God. John came up to speed somewhat the following week or two and has just now begun to lay down serious work on a couple of tracks. It’s just what we needed and is making us pretty excited again about the process. We look to finish this by the end of the year, and get back to playing out soon after that.

More about John when he’s ready to come out. In the meantime, we hope that you’ll enjoy ATD and all of it’s rockin’ sense of distance and memory, themes of futility and of putting the past in the past. Sounds fun! Leave a comment or add a review on these sites as well, if you would, cause you’ll inspire others to give a listen as well.

all the best distances to you,

Further South


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