Good Days a Comin

We have no shows yet, and recording’s on hold, but we are having a great time playing and hanging out together! Four of us in a room, playing loud, we barely fit the four of us and all that sound. But Optimism abounds, and Good Days a Comin.

Last week we recorded a cover of an late 70’s song for an unnamed television show theme on a network. Sometime soon we’ll post it for you, as we think it turned out quite nice. We managed to play the song and sound like ourselves instead of trying to sound like the original, which is what they wanted anyway but we were afraid of being something other than the schleps we are. This is why you play originals, so that you can’t be compared to the works of others. We only try to play covers that we can bend to our will, and in this case we managed it in about an hour and a single complete take. Not sure it’ll be used though, since it rocks and they may be looking for more of an alt/wiry/whiner/singer/songwriter/hipper vibe.

Like the Home of the Brave days, we’re pretty content to play for each other right now. But it won’t be long before we get out, and when we do we hope you’ll come out as well.



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