Various Updates for Feb 15

Updated the Discography today, just a bit here and there, take note.

Both Shawn and John are sick this week so no rehearsal. Wanted to get out to see a show at the Echo also but that’s scrapped.

Looks like we’ve gotten our first show confirmed for the spring, April 15 at the WIRE in Upland. The first of a handful of opps for you to see us playing with new bass addition John, we hope. Tickets are 10. for a full on 45 minutes of AmCat action. Tix price is still too much for us to ask of you, so we’re working on a way to lower it for you even though you’ll pay ten at the door.

Hoping to travel to Bakersfield next month and play, and follow that up with a few more shows in the area in something like May. Still would like to get some AZ time in as well this spring, that’d be swell.

No word from the producers on using our great version of Message of Love. That was a good exercise for us nonetheless. Every rehearsal since then we’ve worked on covering a handful of songs, usually something one of us heard on the radio that day. Seems like the most interesting one was a tie between Dancing Days by Zep and Canary in a Coal Mine by the Police. Michael keeps trying to get us to play some Seger and U2 but we resist, eventually.

All for now.


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