Wired down

Thanks from all of us to you who came out for the Wire show last Friday night, a good time was had by all! It was really good to see John in the mix and enjoying himself, jumping at will and very very happy. There were a few hiccups from the band which was understandable given the lack of playing out this past year. Hey we’re human. Hooray for humanness! Getting James in the mix on pedal steel was a sure bonus, he got to play for family and we all cheered for him. 18 and rockin the pedal; people there were wholly unsure what that thing was onstage until he played it, then they said, collectively, “Ahhhh that’s what that is!” and we just smiled. So Cal rock venues need to branch out more. Guess that’s what we’re here for. You’re welcome, the Wire!

The band is in process of booking a few more small shows around town, we’ll keep in touch on those and hope you’ll come. Michael and Yvonne are expecting their second child early May, and we’re looking to continue out by the end of the month after that momentous occasion. Sam’ll have some company soon, someone to use the Force on and get in a lightsaber duel.

The Wire show was shot on video, mostly so the band could have some more promo footage to use in getting into festivals and the like. Plus we realized we hadn’t really any footage of AmCat live since the Tour of the Brave days, wow. Well, a smattering of things here and there but not anything new to use. Until now, thanks so much Peter B! Also our friend Dave did a bootleg audio, which we can certainly use, he’s very good at that.

Now we’re just rambling. We’ll post some of that material soon. Thanks again —

Further South


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