BNtheW live for the first time

this is the title track from the upcoming CD Band Not the Weapon, with some recently finished lyric. John and Shawn aren’t exactly sure which lyric goes where on the chorus, and so they make each other laugh trying to sing something incoherent that comes close. anyway, hope you like it. the footage is cool since our friend and fan Pete roamed around with his camera. another friend Dave made a really nice bootleg of the show just for us. and probably a bunch of people online somewhere. it may end up on ebay. this is at the end of a set, and we’re a bit tired and ready to be done. old men, some of us. obviously not the pedal guy, or the bass player really. just the singer I guess.

If we played in your town we’d sure have more energy though! Invite us, and see for yourself. Give us some electrical power and a few friends, and we’ll rock it. We need to play out more, if for no other reason but to figure out how to properly sing this chorus.


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