Headlong Into Summer

Halfway through these summer months, AmCat has played a couple of shows and is now taking a bit of hiatus until mid-August. They’ll pick up again and play a show locally in Glendora CA on Aug 28, then set plans for the Fall. Hopes for a few more shows, including some familiar larger venues and a trip to Bako, are on the slow cooker. We’ll keep you all posted.

Thanks to everyone who’s come out to see the band so far this year. John has acclimated quickly and brought his own spirit of adventure to the mix, and everyone is getting along famously. And if you’ve followed AmCat for any length of time now you know there’s always plans for more recording on the horizon, and this fall is no different. In fact they’d prefer to play fewer shows if it means more time spent creatively in studio. They’ll try to balance both before the end of this year.

The Setlist page is updated after each show now; check out what they’ve played (and what they don’t quite remember playing). The band has been more attentive to photo-taking as well this year, and you’ll find most of that work on the Facebook page. More group photos for promo are planned after the break.

Mike has recommended a short documentary called I Need That Record! about the decline of the old school record stores. Watch the trailer for it here. The band is a big supporter of keeping these mom and pops alive and kicking. Get down to Ameoba in L.A. or in San Fran if you want to spend a few hours browsing, and pick something up that will inspire you. And look for Trees of Mystery while you’re there, maybe in the clearance bin. Over time we’ve seen the promo CDs or the actual discs in various stores for sale.

Hope you have a good summer, warm but not scorching, relaxed but not lulling, tempered with good friends and tasty grilled treats. See you in August!

your friends at Further South.



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