Winding Down, Not Out

Here is the band, American Catapult, all four, hanging at a booth in the Down and Out waiting to play a set just before 10pm. It was a fine blast of noise.

(L to R) Mike, John, Tom and Shawn

The fall is fully settling in and 2011 is winding down for the band. No more dates set to play out for the year, thoughts of demoing new material floating in these minds, and more time to spend with family and friends into the holiday season. “It’s been terrific to play out this year,” says Tom, “more shows than I thought we might play, and we’ve become more adept at playing & trusting each other. It’s better than ever, really. Cannot wait to get some of this goodness down on tape.”.  Thanks to you all who support AmCat and their endeavors, and all of you who’ve listened to All This Distance this year, and to you who have recently discovered this same band who used to make their name from rest stop shows and laundromats. We will keep in touch and bring you updates as they happen!

Further South


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