the Creative Push

It’s mid-May, even later still, and the band is in the throes of finishing seven tracks for their new CD release, Band Not the Weapon. It’s not a typical recording schedule, and things are tackled whenever there’s an opening. There has been good progress though lately, and with these songs in the can they’ll return in earnest to add the last three and wrap those as well by summer.

For this process, it’s difficult to be creative and ‘in the moment’ when you approach the songs only once in a while, and an hour or so at a time, but that’s the challenge for this season. AmCat is committed to finishing this up, getting it behind them, handing it off, and there’ll be no playing out or moving forward till it’s done. Fortunately they’re familiar tunes and not complicated. It’s something that’s made this compilation of songs go together well, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty listenable effort, in our humble and extra-biased opinion. We’ll post some progress on here when it looks like they’re ready for some feedback.

But trust us, it’s going to be worth the wait.

Further South


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