2. Sight for Sore Eyes

Another song from the upcoming CD, Sight for Sore Eyes:

a sight, youʼre a sight for sore eyes, looks like youʼve come back just in time,
still iʼll make you no promises tonight, we are awake and weʼre on fire
and this might take a good long while before we get away
today, itʼs all we really have, today, and then the universe collides
shining like a disco ball, so play, play like you never will again
you know that this might be the end, donʼt say you didnʼt try, yeah
a sight, youʼre a sight for sore eyes, looks like youʼve come back just in time
and iʼll make you this promise that tonight, weʼre going to force our way inside
and get a leg up just for spite, just like Elvis would.
©2012 Tom Townsend (BMI) all rights reserved
from the upcoming CD Band Not the Weapon, American Catapult (FSR)
This song was written in 09, as we were hungry for new material to play out. It was one of the simpler ideas we had musically, and the lyric was written pretty quick. Never really tried to put much second thought into it, just left it as is. Looking at it now with some distance, I think it’s sort of about finally getting to play out live again after a good stretch, or maybe just becoming a full band again after Terry left for Wyoming. The line at the end about Elvis is a reference to a song Shawn and I wrote once years ago about getting a leg up on Elvis, completely obscure and never really heard outside of our old Lodge we’d rehearse in.
Play like you never will again, you know that this might be the end. For a long time Shawn and I would remind each other before playing a show that this could be the last time ever, and we should enjoy every little moment of it. It always feels like that nowadays to me, every opportunity we get seems to me like it could be only for that one moment. So thinking that way helps me, helps us get the most out of it.
It’s a fun song to play, it’s one of those band songs that’s meant to inspire us, very selfishly. You might think it means something else, just like songs like Permission have become to others, but they are really all about us and our band adventure. Remember this when you also hear Band Not the Weapon, coming soon to this blog. Guess I will write about that next time.

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