3. Band Not the Weapon

For some odd reason, I once had a LinkedIn account, I think to keep connected with some of our marketing friends in the industry. Our name American Catapult was followed by the distinction, the band not the weapon. That phrase has been been used about us a few other times since, and it somehow found its way into a song idea sometime in 2010. As soon as we started talking about making another record, this was the title we were drawn to, just like it was with Trees of Mystery a few years back. So here are the lyrics to the title track, premiered late last month by Bob on KYRS in Spokane WA:

just sit right back and let this ride, all company
shock and awe would suit us fine, you will come to see, yeah.
so spin this happenstance tonight, make the best of this situation                                                            
the shift is on and itʼs making good time, and changing the whole conversation                                          
no oneʼs bent on making war, we have the best of intentions                                                                      
if youʼre surprised, well Iʼll bet you are, cause we are the band not the weapon
if youʼre locked out weʼll let you back in
if youʼre knocked down weʼll be your best friend
if you just lost weʼll let you win
come on, thatʼs right, well weʼve seen this all before, drops like a bomb, leaves a mess behind
what happens now is what Iʼve waited years for, and i want it now, i want it now                                      
itʼs not what it was, yeah it’s really not the same, thereʼs no appetite for destruction                            
thereʼs just no malice in our rapport, cause we are the band not the weapon
if youʼre locked out weʼll let you back in
if youʼre knocked down weʼll be your best friend
if you just lost weʼll let you win 
©2012 Tom Townsend (BMI) all rights reserved
from the upcoming CD Band Not the Weapon, American Catapult (FSR)

Pretty self explanatory I suppose. Worked in the Guns & Roses reference, nice. We always felt that Michael’s riff in this song drove us toward a more Stones feel, and adding pedal steel in the mix gave us a kind of rockin country bit that we don’t hear too much lately. Fun song to play. We’ve learned to play it at the end of the set though, as it tends to wear us old guys out. It is one of those songs that we play at the end of rehearsal, and then proclaim ‘OK we’re done, thanks guys’. This was recorded live, the first good  take I think too. Vocals were added later.


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