6. Behind Me

This week’s entry from the upcoming recording Band Not the Weapon focuses on a song written a few years back and featured as a track on our previous release, All This Distance. Behind Me was originally written as sort of a coffee house thing, acoustic based and laid back. We were looking for some live material last year and reconsidered this one as a straightforward band song, first playing it more country-punk and then settling into more mainstream as time went on. We felt like this song fit well with who we were becoming live, and this time around added more pedal and vocal harmonies. Here’s the original lyric, still the same today:

All the sunsets I let slide, all the words I just let fly
They sail like paper through the air, throw them out, I just don’t care
All the comforts I have chased, and all the money wasted
For every stone that’s left unturned, and bitter fruit I’ve tasted
Put it behind me, put it behind me
Lay it down, lay it down, and walk away
Every certain second guess, and all regrets forgetting this
The things I could not overcome, feel like laces left undone
All that’s tethered to my past, and all I skipped for sleeping
For every promise never kept, and never meant for keeping
Put it behind me, put it behind me
Lay it down, lay it down, and walk away

©2010 Tom Townsend (BMI, Engine Co. 30 Music)

So I look at it now and see just how much this lyric fits an overall theme of this upcoming record, which is moving forward/looking ahead. I remember writing down lyric ideas for this song as we were touring through Arizona in 2007, cruising along in Shawn’s Rover, watching the sun fade in the wide sky and chasing dust tornados in the distance. I felt like it was a theme a lot of people I know could connect with just like me, making bad choices and ignoring the good that was right in front of us, knowing full well we were making promises we couldn’t keep. Opportunities lost. But it’s not supposed to be a depressing shoe gazer of a song, it’s supposed to give hope by saying you can lay it down and move on. I hope it does that. Playing it more upbeat makes it seem a little flippant to me sometimes, but it does feel better to us, we like it this way. Sure hope you do too. You’ll hear it soon enough.


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