Band Not album review from our Norwegian Friends

Here’s a Band Not the Weapon CD review from Norway (Musikkbloggen), the original link and the English translation (more or less, thanks Google):

American Catapult is a refreshing new acquaintance from California. An exquisite alt.countryband that sounds as if you have taken the vocal track from the Old 97’s, added a dæsh Reckless Kelly and rounded it with good amounts of Son Volt. When the band follows up the sound with good lyrics and very good melodies so we cook down to a band we certainly can recommend.

When one hears American Catapult then no longer California the first one thinks, it’s like Austin, Texas, is the first by Mon guessing with such a sound. The band says themselves that they play on the most unlikely as likely venues. Preferably, for human and not empty chairs and tables.

They describe their setting rather well in the cover;

“A main goal for us as a band is not to Promote ourselves as a band
but as a group of friends who like to make the kind of music we like,
and connect it with two others who like that too.
It’s a privilege we do not take lightly.
We want to meet you and share it
more than we want to sell it and bag it

The band has a good number of releases behind them, with “Band Not The Weapon” so we are talking about 8 releases – most EPs. The first was released in 2003, and in 2007 they acquired a deal with Cooking Vinyl through stunt “Tour Of The Brave.” The band traveled simply criss-cross in California and stopped and played there they found a big enough crowd to play for. A laundry service and an airport were the places they held their stunt shows. Everything was filmed, and the band got enough attention that Cooking Vinyl picked them up.

“Band Not The Weapon” introduces us to a band that clearly has a hefty number of gigs in the back. They sound tight, and while it is relaxed enough that it sits in the Polish-vaccinated my ear. Guitars are obviously important here, but the thing that caught me in the first place was the vocals – which is very in line with Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond does in the Old 97’s.

The melodies are catchy, and the disc ten songs impressively smooth. This is simply real and honest craftsmanship, and a hint of Pedal Steel pulls the only upside.

Tracks like “Wrecking Ball,” “Better Country,” “Sight for Sore Eyes,” and of course titteltsporet “Band Not The Weapon” is among the highlights – but as mentioned keeps tracks a consistently high level, and the plate should be enjoyed as a whole.

Cause we have the best of intentions
If you’re surprised, well I bet you are,
Cause we are the band not the weapon

Check them out on Spotify, or like them on Facebook.


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