The Great Spokane Weekend

We’re traveling to Spokane WA for the first weekend in April to play a few shows, meet and make friends and help raise money for local public radio. Other than playing locally, we’ve not been able to tour proper in support of Band Not the Weapon. To be honest, it’s not that fulfilling to drop in and out of a number of towns we’ve never been to just to briefly promote ourselves. I’m all for travel and the adventure, as most of us in the band are, and have done in the past of course. We are, after all, the band that went on tour without booking a show, knocking on stranger’s doors and looking for lights late at night in a dark town. So maybe we’re growing up a bit; it does have a lot to do with the fact that we’re all family men and have many other obligations now that are more important. But being true to our character, finding one single city to play in for a few days, and getting to know the community a bit, is much more in our wheelhouse. Thanks to our relationship with Bob Rice, who hosts a weekly radio show on local Spokane station KYRS 92.3 FM and has played our music for years, we’re able to come and do this Great Spokane Weekend. Bob is also a tremendous independent music champion who works with others to promote good music.

Here’s our local itinerary, from April 5-7:

Friday April 5: AmCat w/Tommy G & the Nudge Band, Checkerboard Tavern, Sprague Ave, all night

Saturday April 6: AmCat w/Dead Mans Pants, Jones Radiator, Sprague Ave, all night

Sunday April 7: AmCat on KYRS (Crossroads), 2-3pm

Sunday April 7: AmCat Studio/House Concert presented by Bob Rice (Crossroads), a benefit for KYRS community radio, sometime in the evening


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