AmCat on KYRS Sunday 1-3pm

Tune in to hear AmCat for two hours on KYRS this Sunday, April 7, from 1-3pm. The show Crossroads is hosted by Bob Rice, musician and Independent Music Hero.

AmCat will share some of their own influences musically in the first hour, and play songs from their last three full length CDs in the second hour.

Then Sunday night is a local house party! And fundraiser for community radio KYRS.

Crossroads Presents AmCat - House Concert


2 thoughts on “AmCat on KYRS Sunday 1-3pm

  1. Bob Rice says:

    Thank you for “throwing the dice” and trusting in KYRS, Spokane, Wa …. did we not have a fantastic three days of musical fun in the the river city, better known as … Spokane!

    The weekend of April 5-7th was “really” the beginning of AmCat’s “first real exposure” to the Inland Northwest …. with this said, their musical party has just begun!

    I had a fantastic time working with American Catapult, organizing four shows in three days, while they were here in Spokane. I look forward to helping them spread their music, and honest musical message’s, in any way that I can.

    Bob Rice – Host of Crossroads @ KYRS, Spokane, WA – 88.1/92.3 FM –

    • amcatters says:

      Bob, AmCat is full of gratitude for this Spokane Weekend and all of your kindness! Looking forward to the next connection, and returning the favor.
      American Catapult

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