Home of the Brave, Further South Recordings (2003) – the initial full length CD recorded and released by the band in three months’ time, for each other, family and friends. Still unavailable by any other means than through band members. Track listing: So Far South, the Great Unknown, First and Then, Fly on the Wall, Unbeliever, I’m Down, Standing on Shoulders, Home of the Brave, Nothing Comes Easy, the Difference, Standing on Shoulders (first try – bonus track).


Connecting Streams EP, Tom (2003) – Made for himself, and anyone else interested. Making musical connections between where they had been (LOL) and where they were headed (AmCat). Tom may still have the only copy of this, on his laptop. Track listing: Fly on the Wall (demo), I Won’t Lie (demo), The Spoon That Saved the Ocean, Tijuana and Tea, Lighten Up (demo), Home of the Brave (demo), the Mission (demo).


Excess Falling EP, Further South Recordings (2004) – Recorded as ideas were forming, between initial shows & tours, preceeding the Tour of the Brave by a few months. Named from a line in the song Breaking it Down. May be released eventually as a package with Home of the Brave. Track listing: Here I Am, Hand it To Me, Dust and Ashes, I Won’t Lie, Breaking it Down, More Than That.


Tour of the Brave CD, Further South Recordings (2004) – A compilation of tour songs for promotional during the infamous Tour of the Brave in April 2004. Very rare. Track listing: So Far South, Dust and Ashes, Breaking it Down, the Great Unknown, the Difference, Hand it To Me, First and Then, Fly on the Wall, I’m Down.


Trees of Mystery, Further South Recordings (2006), Cooking Vinyl USA (2007) – Recorded and released for friends and family, then for radio stations and small venues, then for national radio and distribution, it’s the CD that largely helped AmCat define itself more clearly. A very intentional recording to a specific style and period of time in the band’s brief history, and recorded in order from track 1 to track 11. Had nearly every track played on radio somewhere in the U.S. and Canada, and was one of the top ten CDs of the year 2006 according to Kweevak Music Magazine in New Jersey, so that’s got to count for something. Track listing: This Time, Trees of Mystery, Easily Distracted, Whirlwind, Crooked Straight, Goodbye, Avarice, Stingray, Find Another Way, S.O.S., Disappointment Is. Rescue Records handles all of the licensing of these songs (published by Engine Co. 30 BMI), with the exception of This Time and Find Another Way, which are represented by DAWN publishing (WB – BMI).

permepcovera11Permission EP, Further South Recordings (2008) – A compilation of songs recorded over a 2 1/2 year period after Trees was finished, in between shows and tours and daily life. Most people see it as a further definition and focus of the band’s sound, but really it’s just a bunch of songs, old and new, the band just happened to finish and got released so that people would think they were keeping busy. Which was true. EPs are stepping stones for the band in between the commitment of a major recording project, and usually contain odds and ends rather than well thought out, grouped material. Maybe it’s just better that way, happenstance. Released online for free on Earth Day 2008. Track listing: Dust and Ashes, Drink, Permission, Nothing, Standing on Shoulders, A Long Time Ago. Rescue Records handles music licensing for each track (published by Engine Co. 30 BMI).

All This DistanceFurther South Recordings (2010) –  A collection of songs that followed the year of Trees for us. The last group of recordings with founding bass player Terry. Smoke Signals was the exception, with Rod on bass. James Collett played pedal steel on Smoke, and added one pass of  lapsteel  to Something Left to Prove. Track listing: Motorcar, All on Me, Be the Moment, Radio Play, Behind Me, Chase Down the Wind, Second Wind, On the Outside (Looking In), Something Left to Prove, Smoke Signals, Turbulence. Rescue Records handles music licensing on each track (published by Engine Co. 30 BMI) except Turbulence, which was supposed to be an unlisted track on the CD and really just something live and muddy that we wanted to throw in. But we have to list it as something for mp3 download purposes so there it is.

Band Not the WeaponFurther South Recordings (2012) –  Ten songs, mostly from shows during 2010-11. Track listing: Sight for Sore Eyes, Behind Me, Better Country, Band Not the Weapon, Hard Life, Hope You’re Right, Wrecking Ball, Weathers Changing, Some Things,  Interstate. Rescue Records handles music licensing on each track (published by Engine Co. 30 BMI).


There Are Friends EP

There Are Friends, and Then There Are FriendsFurther South Recordings (2014) –  Four songs, inspired by an opportunity to share new music with our friend Bob on his awesome venture Indie Air Radio. We came up with the songs, and recorded them mostly live, in about a week. Track listing: My Friend the Floor, Reed Song, Time is Not My Friend, You Never Had It So.



What’s Next:  Another full length, hopefully. Tentatively titled Indian Summer, and based on a song with that title. Other new songs slated for this record include Abilene, About Love, Drifter, Big City, and the next single Only Love Can Save You Now.

EPs never really finished, but would have been cool:

Everybody Wants to Get Me (2007) – AmCat hoped this would be a live EP, but things never worked out to make it happen, mostly because Trees became this endless monster of promotion and tour, claiming the entire year of 2007 including projects like this. Track listing might have been: I Am Trying, Paranoia, Circles, Swamp Song, the Rehash, The Longest Day of My Life.


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