AmCat @ the Buccaneer Lounge (Sierra Madre CA) – Friday Dec 8 2017 songs TBD

AmCat @ the Britestar Tavern (Glendora CA) – Saturday Nov 18 2017 songs TBD


AmCat @ the House of Blues (West Hollywood) – Tuesday January 15 2013 new madrid, some things, permission, we are never ever, better country, band not the weapon.

AmCat @ the Down & Out – Sunday October 23 2011 on the outside, new madrid, behind me, be the moment, refugee, band not the weapon, goodbye, i got you.

AmCat @ the Other Door – Thursday Sept 29 2011 new madrid, behind me, band not the weapon, cali stars, permission, tupelo honey

AmCat @ the Wire – Saturday Sept 17 2011 new madrid, behind me, already gone, cali stars, refugee, s.o.s., fly on the wall, tupelo honey, i got you

AmCat @ the Continental lounge – Sunday Aug 28 2011 cali stars, permission, already gone, sight for sore eyes, tupelo honey, behind me, circles, this time, trees, drink, band not the weapon (break), new madrid, dust and ashes, goodbye, act naturally, refugee, s.o.s., weathers changing, on the outside, pale blue eyes, something else?, I got you.

AmCat @ the Black Watch Pub – Friday July 15 2011 tupelo honey, sight for sore eyes, permission, motorcar, this time, trees, stingray, find another way, cali stars, be the moment (break) Come and Get It, I Got You, On the outside, Behind Me, Wrecking Ball, Weathers Changing, Paranoia, Fly on Michaels Wall, New Madrid S.O.S., ?? (break) Sunken treasure, Sullivan Street, Already Gone, Strange, The One I Love, Refugee, 2-3 other covers, Drink, Smoke Signals, Better Country, Chase Down the Wind, Tupelo Honey, Sight for Sore Eyes, Permission, Cali Stars, Goodbye, Band not the Weapon.

AmCat @ the Down & Out – Wednesday June 29 2011 Permission, Sight for Sore Eyes, Motorcar, This Time, Trees of Mystery, On the Outside, Cali Stars, Be the Moment.

AmCat @ Jake’s Billiards  – Monday May 23 2011 songs played over 3+ hours:   Tupelo Honey, Sight for Sore Eyes, Refugee, This Time, Trees of Mystery, Swingtown, On the Outside, Hope You’re Right, Pale Blue Eyes, Permission, Find Another Way, Weathers Changing, S.O.S., Drink, California Stars, I Got You, Behind Me, Motorcar, Chase Down the Wind, Wrecking Ball, Nothing, Dust and Ashes, A Long Time Ago, Sunken Treasure / Sullivan Street, A Hard Life, Fly on Michaels Wall, Goodbye, New Madrid.

AmCat @ the Wire  – Friday April 15 2011, Tax Day. Permission, Sight for Sore Eyes (new), This Time, Trees of Mystery, California Stars, Be the Moment, Smoke Signals, Better Country (new), A Hard Life (new), Band Not the Weapon (new).

AmCat @ the Black Watch Pub – June 18 2010 near as I can remember: California Stars, Dust & Ashes, Chase Down the Wind, Sight for Sore Eyes (new),Drink, Motorcar, Be the Moment, All on Me, Stingray, Goodbye (break), Permission, A Long Time Ago, This Time, Trees of Mystery, Find Another Way, A Hard Life (new), Wrecking Ball (new),  Weather’s Changing (new), Second Wind, On the Outside Looking In, New Madrid (break), Pale Blue Eyes, Circles, I Got You, Box Full of Letters, Day After Day, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Swingtown, Dust and Ashes, S.O.S., Cali Stars.

AmCat acoustic show @ Cinema Bar    May 27 2010 (Tom on acoustic, Shawn on partial kit & accessories) Permission, Be the Moment, Trees of Mystery, Sight for Sore Eyes, Windfall Wrecking Ball, Turbulence, On the Outside, A Hard Life, A Long Time Ago, Smoke Signals, Goodbye, A Better Country. California Stars (encore).

AmCat @ the Wire – actual   March 19 2010 This Time, Chase Down the Wind All on Me, Dust & Ashes Cali Stars On the Outside, Permission

AmCat @ Cinema Bar    Dec 9 09 Permission, Chase Down, Cali Stars Drink, This Time, Trees of Mystery Second Wind, Pale Blue Eyes, On the Outside SOS, Dust and Ashes, Stingray Goodbye, New Madrid

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