A Few April Updates, revised

Now that we’re here, these are a few things we’ve forgotten to mention of late:

Terry moved to Wyoming last November, and we’re welcoming Rod Romero into the fold as our bass anchor. He has had a few rehearsals with us now, which if you know us means that he’s had a lot of time with us. And last Saturday he played his first show with AmCat at the Mighty Buccaneer Lounge in Sierra Madre, and all went swell.

This season of FRIDAY NIGHT NIGHTS has featured our song Permission, we’re not sure which ep but we know it’s true, with much thanks to TerriLynn and Rescue Records. That’s very cool, we’re honored.

This latest CD is in it’s final stages thankfully, honestly it’s taken a while mostly cause of our hectic lives. What, did you think we sat around playing our guitars all day in the studio like other bands? Well we’re not paying for studio time, but even so we’re just preoccupied. Sorry, we’ll keep you all up to date when it’s listenable, and post songs here. In fact this week and next we should have some time to knock off more overdubs.

Sierra Madre Sue is a good friend of the band, and writes a weekly newsletter for the community on upcoming shows. Email her and get on her list, there’s some good music round town:


AmCat with Sierra Madre Sue at the Bucc

AmCat with Sierra Madre Sue at the Bucc


Lastly, we’re a little tired. and excited about the newer tunes. and look forward to playing out some later this spring. and hopeful for things to come, and opportunities. and grateful. Does that make sense? We really do still get a lot of joy out of playing together, and have more things to check off of our bucket list, so we’ll finish this CD and get to playing out and see what happens next. hope to see you out on the road soon —



One thought on “A Few April Updates, revised

  1. Xavierism says:

    Bon dia!

    Great to see that things are going and going! Looking forward to the new CD!


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